Lindsey Albracht is a doctoral candidate in the English program at the Graduate Center, CUNY who specializes in Writing Studies.

Her dissertation examines three case studies in which faculty education is conducted across disciplinary, institutional, and geographic contexts to consider their implications for the future of translingual faculty development for the writing-intensive classroom.

In addition to working as an Instructional Technology Fellow at Macaulay, Lindsey also works as a consultant in the Columbia University School of Social Work Writing Center.

Formerly, Lindsey worked at Baruch College’s Center for Teaching and Learning as a Digital Pedagogy Specialist and as the Director of Studies at International House New York. She is currently co-designing The CUNY Game: an open-access, interdisciplinary game-based learning module for teaching CUNY student activist histories to current undergraduates through using the CUNY Digital History Archive. She is the co-designer of the Active Learning Strategies repository.