Digital Project Samples

Imagining Earth

A screenshot of the website Imagining Earth, which features the iconic Earthrise photograph. In the background, the earth is visible, and in the foreground is the surface of the moon.

In collaboration with Professor Ted Widmer and students at the Macaulay Honors College Digital Humanities Lab, I designed this photo gallery and website to accompany “What Did Plato Think the Earth Looked Like?” which was published in the New York Times in December of 2018.

MALS Writes: A Guidebook for Writers

This is a screenshot of the MALS Writes website, which is built on a social annotation platform which allows people to add comments.

Commissioned by the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program at the Graduate Center, CUNY, I designed this Open Educational Resource (OER) and the content of this guidebook for writers.

Active Learning Strategies

This is a screenshot of the Active Learning Strategies blog at Baruch College. In it, you can see a line of action figures at the top of the page, and three windows with pictures of action figures on each one.

In collaboration with Laurie Hurson, I co-designed and developed the content and the site architecture for this Open Educational Resource (OER) for Baruch College’s Center for Teaching and Learning.

The CUNY Game

A screenshot of the website for The CUNY Game, which shows a picture of protesters holding up signs in the banner photo and then has a brief description of the game underneath.

In collaboration with Hamad Sindhi, I am in the process of co-designing and developing The CUNY Game: an Open Educational Resource (OER) role play game that encourges student engagement with archival texts while building skill in research, public speaking, and writing to teach the history of Open Admissions at the City University of New York (CUNY). 

CSTM 0120: An Active Learning Resource for Math Teachers

This is a screenshot of the Active Learning in Math website for CSTM 0120 at Baruch College. Against a white background, there is black text that announces several math topics. At the top of the page is colorful graffiti that spells out the word MATH.

In collaboration with the Student Academic Consulting Center at Baruch College, I designed the site architecture of this Open Educational Resource (OER), and also consulted on many of the lesson plan designs. Collaborating with Yuliya Ochakovskaya, I additionally developed the content in the introduction, the FAQ section, and the section on lesson planning.

A People’s Guide to New York City

This is a screenshot for the website called A People's Guide to New York City. In it, there are several pictures (a street sign, the outside of a few buildings, the outside of a McDonald's, the Barclay's Center, and a drawing of Macy's.

In collaboration with Professor Arianna Martinez and students at Queens Macaulay Honors College, I designed this website, and gave technical support and editorial feedback to students throughout the process of developing their entries.

Shaping the Future of New York City

This is a screenshot of the website called Shaping the Future of New York City. In the background of the image, there is a large wall mural featuring figures of people riding bikes, walking, skateboarding, and doing other things in an urban street scene. There is a young, lifelike child on the right-hand side of the mural dressed in a red jacket and a beret. In front of the scene, there is a black box that says the title of the course. You can also see the word "syllabus" at the bottom of the image.

In collaboration with Professor Robin Rogers, I designed this website for the Macaulay Honors College seminar that we co-facilitated: Shaping the Future of New York.

WPA-GO Elections Website:

In this screenshot of the WPA-GO elections website, you can see the title "WPA GO Graduate Committee Elections" and the top of a video clip welcoming visitors to the site and to the process of applying to be part of the graduate committee.

I designed the WPA-GO elections website for the organization’s 2018 Graduate Committee election. I also designed the 2017 website.