Selected Faculty Workshops

Faculty Workshops

I have developed and facilitated a series of workshops and seminars for faculty across a variety of disciplines, as well as for faculty within specific disciplines. Below, you will find a sample of some of the workshop materials.

All work on this section of the site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Please feel free to reuse and remix these materials for your own (non-commercial) purposes.  If you’d like the accompanying handouts and materials, please contact me.

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Teaching Multilingual Students

The first slide of a presentation on teaching multilingual students

I initially developed this workshop for a professional development session given at the School for the Visual Arts in New York City. It gives a brief overview of some strengths-based models of teaching linguistically diverse student populations and navigating common challenges that faculty face.

Active Learning Seminar

The front page of the active learning summer seminar

I developed the curriculum for and facilitated the Active Learning Summer Seminar for full-time and adjunct faculty across the disciplines at Baruch College.  The participants opted to make the course site private, but I am happy to share curriculum and activities with other facilitators and faculty. Feel free to contact me here.

Hybrid Seminar

The Active Learning Summer 2019 course site

As a Digital Pedagogy Specialist at Baruch College between November 2015-August 2019, I co-developed and co-facilitated a seminar for interdisciplinary faculty who were interested in hybridizing a face-to-face class. Here are the course sites for the Summer 2019 cohort and the Spring 2019 cohort, where you can see the curriculum, assignments, and resources.

Contract Grading Workshop

First slide of a presentation on contract grading, which says "collaborative, contract, and other alternative grading methods"

In January 2019, I presented “Collaborative, Contract, and ‘Alternative’ Grading Methods” to the Teaching and Learning Collaboratory at Macaulay Honors College. Here are the slides from the presentation.

In August 2016, I presented “Grades: What Are They Good For? Contract Grading Strategies for Teachers of Writing” to new and returning graduate teachers of writing and literature at The Graduate Center, CUNY. Here are the contract grading session handouts; and the student self-assessment handout.

Here is my own (always evolving!) grading contract.

Multimodal Composing Workshop

The first slide in a presentation on multimodal composition across the disciplines, which says "remixing the final assignment: A Baruch College Center for Teaching and Learning Workshop"

In collaboration with Tamara Gubernat and Laurie Hurson, I presented “Remixing the Final Assignment”, an interdisciplinary workshop for faculty, at Baruch College in May 2018. Here are the slides.